Apartments models and specifications - modelCT

Published : 19/Jul/2012 11:08
Pattern CT
Its architecture design is the same of pattern C with the difference that it is residential and commercial building, and it is distinguished that it is located on main street with a width of 40 meter, and the building ground floor area is 366.6m2, it consisted from four floors the ground floor is commercial stores with a total number of six stores with an area of 52.5m2 per store and each store has its own bathroom, the store height is 4.20m. The upper floors consisted of two flats at each floor with a total six apartments in the building, apartment area of the upper floors with stairs is 183m2 the net area for an apartment 174.3 m2 and each apartment contains gust room with bathroom with a separate entrance, main bed room with private bathroom, two bed rooms for children, setting room, kitchen, family bath room, balcony and separate entrance for the family.

General specifications and finishing (This specification applied on the fifth and sixth stage only)
  • ACI concrete structure designed according the American codes.

  • Baked bricks (20x30x20cm) hollow and of excellent quality.

  • Tiles for rooms floors made of china porcelain.

  • Ceramic tile for bathrooms and kitchens walls, excellent Egyptian quality with belt at the middle of the wall.

  • Ceramic belts for Rooms, setting room and Divan.

  • Interior doors miranti stuffed wood and the external are from miranti graved wood.

  • Windows and bathrooms doors are from an excellent UPVC.

  • Interior walls paints white enamel tow faces with putty two faces.

  • Steel protection for ground floor windows and balconies.

  • Upper ceiling tiles from mosaic with water and heat insulation

  • Water tank on the ceiling of a capacity of (400) gallon per flat.

  • Gypsum belts for rooms, setting room and divan.

  • Stairs are from excellent Granite.

Electrical tools:
  • Ceiling fans for rooms and kitchen Pakistani type. 4 feet Fluorescent lighting for rooms and 2 feet for bathroom, corridor and balcony, good quality.

  • Automatic and distributing panel of twelve lines single phase Malaysian all wires, plugs and switches of very good specifications.

  • Inserting electrical heater in family and private bathroom.

  • Inserting electrical water pump for tank.

The sanitary materials:
  • Divan bathroom: Arabic chair + external hand basin.

  • Family bathroom: bath basin + hand basin + English chair

  • Private bathroom: English chair + Hand basin + Shower

  • Feeding bathrooms and kitchen with two nets the first is from the project and the second is from the tank through 3/4 pipes to the apartment and inside the apartment 3/4 inch pipes of high pressure.

  • Sewerage pipes 4 inch, pressure.

Those specifications are deemed essential and are not allowed to be amended in any clues in it by the two parties

Including the connection of services such as electricity, water and sewerage

* The specification of the apartments could be accumulated by the following:

Rooms Dimensions
1Divan  5.4* 3.8
2Divan bath2.0 * 1.3
3Setting room 6.1 * 3.8
4  Main bed room4.4 * 4.1
5Private bathroom2.8 * 1.6
6Bed room 4.6* 3.8
7Bed room4.4*3.8
8Family bathroom2.8*1.7

Floor elevation

Floor elevation
  • Apartment rate = US $ 59100

  • Commercial store rate = US $ 24100

Installment method:
  • First payment: 25% paid at US$14775 (on signing the contract).

  • Second payment: 25% monthly installment without profit or on payment system during the period of executing the project and after signing the contract.

  • Third payment: 50% installment with profit at a rate of $678 per month…
    The third payment commences when receiving the apartment and for a period of five and half years.

  • Apartment price after profit: US $ 74330

Cash method:
  • First payment: 25% paid at US$14775 (on signing the contract).

  • Second payment: 15% paid at US$8865.

  • Third payment: 15% paid at US$8865.

  • Last payment: 45% paid at US $26595 on receiving the apartment.

(The two installments that is the second and third is divided on the period remained for construction)