Method of Sales and Reservations

Published : 31/Jul/2012 21:25
First: the flats
Enma company for real state development limited have approved two sales method, they are:

Cash sales:
The sales method in this formula is by giving a sales word to sale the flat that is desired to be bought and the delivery is made in a period not less than 15 months during this period a 50 percent is paid from the flat value as followed:

Time period for installmentPayment system
On signing the contract agreementFirst installment 25%
Dividing the second and third installment on the remaining period for constructionSecond installment 15%
Third installment 15%
At handing over the apartment Last payment 45%

Sales with installment :
In this method the flat is sold in profit system, and the full period for installment is seven years from the date of signing the contract agreement.

Payment systemTime period for installment
First installment 25%On signing the contract agreement
Second installment 25% A monthly installment without profit on partial payment system during the execution period after signing the contract.
Last payment 50% Installed on a period of five and half year with accumulated annual profit of 7.5%

Second: Villas
At the recent time the villas sale is cash by installment system as followed:

Time period for installment Payment system
On signing the contract…First installment 25%
After three months from signing the contract…Second installment 15%
After six months from the first payment… Third installment 15%
After nine months from the first payment… Fourth installment 15%
On receiving the villaLast Installment 30%

At the recent time the reservation is done in the company at the marketing section, one of the company future plans is to make the reservation through the Enter-net, since such service will save our clients efforts especially our client in the other governorates or from out side the Republic.

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