About Us

Published : 03/Sep/2012 10:58
The company is deemed an extraordinary delivery in time scale, it is established on April 5th, 2004 but what it had accomplished makes it a leader in building construction field in Yemen. The company had constructed residential Enma city at Kabota that consist of 66 building containing 684 flat and 44 commercial store of different area. All the essential services were added to it such as electricity, water, sewerage, roads, lighting and greenery land escapes as a relieving areas.

The work commenced at the residential Enma city at Kabota on December 2004 and ended on August 2006 funded by Saba Islamic Bank. The estimated cost for accomplishing the residential Enma city at Kabota is US Dollar 16.000.000 executed in industrial pattern with Saba Islamic Bank, Aden. The company had sponsored to construct the infrastructure of the project and installing the essential services such as water, sewerage, electricity, lighting and streets.

The company started its second project residential Enma city at Abu Harbah on September 2006 that deemed as a new beginning for the company due to the project volume and verity in residential flats, villas and wide areas also building of the first residential tower in Aden city and Yemen in general. The number of floors per residential tower exceeds twenty one floors. The project is expected to finish within five years and it is containing 2550 residential flat, 250 commercial stores and 96 villa of various sizes and the project estimated cost is about US dollar 110.000.000

Working on the above the company is keeping a number of investment projects in the field of construction in Aden city and its suburban areas that are recently under studies. The company has various choice of location to build typical residential compounds on whether on villas pattern, residential towers or commercial residential buildings with all essential and entertainment services in them. In addition to tourism village projects in identical locations integrated with full essential, entertainment and relaxing means of services. These projects are in the company plan for the coming ten years that we hope to provide through them infrastructure of suitable residences and tourism establishments to develop Aden city.