Two stories villa and excellent finishing attached (Deluxe).

Published : 28/Aug/2012 12:38
First: the structure:

  • Concrete structure as per specification of the American code.

  • Ground floor buildings from excellent red bricks size 20x30x20 cm.

  • Ground floor buildings from excellent red bricks size 20x30x20 cm for each floor.

  • Water insulation for last roof.

  • Spraying insecticides for white ants on four stages.

Second: Finishing:

1- Tiles:
  • Floor tile made of porcelain, Spanish-Emirates.

  • Walls tile for bathrooms and kitchens two homogenous colors, Spanish-Emirates.

  • Stairs tiles the vertical and horizontal of local excellent marble.

  • Ceramic tile stripes (8x50cm) for rooms and setting room walls.

  • Cement tiles 30x30cm for footpath around the villa of one meter in width.

  • Mosaic tile excellent type size 25x25cm for last roof with ceramic tile strips for wall surface.

2- Paint:
  • Internal paint enamel shining two face with two face foundation.

  • Gypsum belts for rooms and ceiling roofs.

3- Doors and windows:
  • Internal doors are Swedish of excellent quality.

  • External doors stuffed wood with mernti engraving.

  • Bathrooms and kitchens doors are from upvc.

  • Last roof door from steel with parallel rectangular rod.

  • Rooms and halls from upvc with two layer sound and heat insulation glass.

  • Bathrooms and kitchens windows from upvc with exhaust fan.

  • Inner stair rail from steel with beautiful patterns and mernti wooden hold.

4- External sides:
  • External walls sides covered with excellent porcelain as per the appearance agreed on for the villa.

Third: Electrical:

  • The wire used are Saudi or local of British specification.

  • The switches and panel are china of first grade with British specification.

  • Electrical distributing panel 12 lines for each floor separately (for A pattern only) Three phase British.

  • Lighting is china fluorescent of first grad with British specification.

  • Ceiling fans for rooms and kitchens Pakistani and exhaust fans for windows of bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Electricity breaker of 100 A, British specification.

  • Enter-com two floor Italian with electrical lock for main entrance.

  • Telephone lines for rooms, Kitchens and setting room.

Fourth: Sanitary:

  • All sanitary pieces are of English and Arabic chairs, face basin, bathtub, and showers are Spanish.

  • All mixers, stop cack and tabs are Spanish.

  • Kitchen sink stainless-steel two sinks excellent quality, Spanish-Iranian.

  • Washing sets stainless-steel excellent quality for ground and first floor bathrooms.

  • Water heaters for the two main bathrooms and the private bed room bath.

  • Parts and sewerage pipes are Saudi of 114 system.

  • Parts and feeding pipes 3/4 inch two separate nets and thermal pipes.

  • Upper tank of 1250 liter in capacity and ground tank of a capacity of 2500 liter.

Fifth: Fence and external area:

  • Villa fence from four sides of height of 2.4 m of red bricks.
  • Car doors and a second door for family, steel doors with designs with snowy design.
  • The front side of the fence is painted with middle mesh paint with beautiful designs.